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Cedar Environmental
recycling blasted glass
Eight tons to start with
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Cedar Environmental Co. has launched a project to recycle broken glass resulting from the blast of the Port of Beirut, said Ziad Abi Chaker CEO of Cedar Environmental.

The company has teamed up with the Green Glass Recycling Initiative (GGRIL) to implement the project.

The glass shreds will be sent to two glass factories in Tripoli and to Khalife Brothers factory in Sarafand for recycling into glass utensils such as jars and bottles. There are no panel glass factories in Lebanon.

Cedar Environmental is preparing to launch a fundraising campaign for donations to pay for transportation costs as well as for fuel for the Sarafand factory.

The factories will not pay for the shattered glass. Their output will be bought by GGRIL.

Abi Chaker said they will start transporting eight tons of shattered glass.

Cedar Environmental is also cooperating with civil society organizations that provide voluntary work.
Date Posted: Aug 17, 2020
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