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Boutique hotel in Gemmayzeh
will be inaugurated next month
ArtHaus opening delayed

by Beirut Port Explosion

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ArtHaus, a boutique hotel in Gemmayzeh, will be inaugurated in the first week of October. It was initially slated to be launched in mid-August, but plans were postponed due to damage sustained by the Port Explosion.

The totally renovated 18th Century structure, on Gouraud Street, has suffered severe damage by the blast that hit the hotel’s historical arches, woodwork, and artworks.

Co-owner Nabil Debs said that $500,000 in damages are fully insured and will be covered by his policy.

The hotel includes 25 suites and rooms, spread over four buildings, built on the grounds of a Roman villa whose vestiges remain in the hotel’s garden.

Rack rates for a room are at $220 to $350 per night. Suites are priced at $550.

ArtHaus consists of a collection of eclectic homes transformed into guest houses by Debs and his spouse Zoe. The two other properties include a nine-room farmhouse in Megève (Ski town in the French Alps, near Geneva) and a 13-room listed mansion in Berkshire (near Windsor, UK).

Debs is also working on a new property in the old district of Havana (Cuba).

All properties house collections of internationally acclaimed artists, as indicated by the name of this hotel chain.

Date Posted: Sep 23, 2020
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