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Job openings
by manufacturers
200 vacancies announced
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The Association of Industrialists (ALI) said it will publish on its website a list of 200 job openings in the manufacturing sector.

“Manufacturing costs have decreased, so we are trying to enter new foreign markets, because this will provide hard currency,” said Ziad Bekdache, ALI’s Vice Chairman. He said that industrial firms are hiring and recruitment is on the rise. Residency permits of foreign workers have decreased by 83 percent giving preference to local workers.

Bekdache appealed to the General Confederation of Labor Unions to ask people to apply for available job opportunities in the industrial sector. “I ask all workers not to forgo available opportunities, so that they do not remain unemployed,” he said.

ALI has also requested, in coordination with the Ministers of Industry and Public Health, to prioritize the vaccination of workers in the industrial sector. An agreement was signed with GWR Consulting, a company specialized in quality control, to conduct inspections of factories in order to ensure compliance with protective measures against the coronavirus. The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry.

Bekdache said that manufacturers are being accused of keeping hard currency abroad. He said that it is not true. “It is not possible to keep $3 billion abroad because 60 percent of the value of goods exported or sold in the local market consists of operating expenses,” he said.
Date Posted: Mar 12, 2021
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