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High-capacity Matelec expands business
Matelec starts new production unit in Amchit to boost productivity, will launch factory in Riyadh in 2012
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Electrical engineering and contracting company, Matelec Group, inaugurated, on September 15, a Power Transformers factory extension at its Amchit site, Jbeil.

Matelec also launched a new laboratory for testing high voltage networks.

Matelec’s activities involve the manufacturing of distribution transformers, power transformers, switchgears, panel boards, package substations, and mobile substations.

The new manufacturing unit has the capacity to produce transformers up to 120MVA / 220kV. “Before launching the new production unit, the factory was capable of producing transformers of a capacity of 40MVA,” Matelec group CEO Samer Soughayar said.

According to the company’s figures, Matelec’s factory in Amchit produces 18,000 distribution transformers, 100 power transformers, 1,000 packaged substations and 60 mobile substations each year.

Matelec Group’s majority shareholder is Doumet Electrical Holdings, a diversified industrial and services group

Matelec said that it has established a factory in Riyadh which will start its operations at the beginning of 2012.According to the company’s figures, Matelec delivers between an average of 3,000 and 4,000 transformers to Saudi Arabia every year. Matelec already has factories in France, Jordan, Egypt, and Algeria.

With the addition of the Riyadh factory, the company will raise its capacity to producing 30,000 transformers per year.
In 2010, Matelec Group’s turnout amounted to $232 million. Its profits were around $12 million.
Date Posted: Sep 16, 2011
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