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750,000 Pfizer vaccines
allocated to the private sector
Fattal resumes registrations following

a temporary halt. FDC also to register companies

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Pfizer has allocated 750,000 vaccines for the private sector, according to Assem Araji, Chairman of the Parliament’s Health Committee. There are 320,000 vaccines that have been reserved for four major universities.

Fattal Healthcare (part of the Fattal Group) has offered companies to register with them to get their employees inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine. Several companies have confirmed to BusinessNews to have previously registered with Fattal, including InfoPro, the owner of Lebanon Opportunities.

Upon publishing the news by this website on Wednesday, officials at Fattal contacted BusinessNews – by Lebanon Opportunities, with a request to take down the story, while confirming, at the same time, its authenticity and accuracy.

Companies who have contacted Fattal after publishing of the news, to get registered for the vaccine were turned down and were told that our story is “fake news”. Fattal has confirmed through a spokesperson that it has resumed the registration of companies as per the procedure detailed in our previous news story.

A joint statement (see end of this story below) by Fattal, and the Food and Drug Corporation (FDC), another Pfizer distributor, has explained the different roles played by the Ministry of Public Health and the two distributors.

Pfizer had stated on previous occasions that its vaccines are available exclusively through governments, and that they should be made available at no charge.

Araji said that two million vaccines (Pfizer and AstraZeneca) are expected to be received by Lebanon in May and June.

Other drug distributors are also accepting vaccination applications by companies for different vaccine brands.

So far, five percent of the population have received a first dose of a vaccine (of various kinds). Around three percent have received two doses.

Statement by Fattal and FDC

In response to what was reported by some audio-visual and written media, as well as some websites and social networks, about the new doses of the Pfizer vaccine that the Ministry of Health will secure for the different sectors within the private sector initiative, it is important for all concerned parties to confirm the following:

The process of importing the Pfizer vaccine, and all related negotiations, contracts, etc., has taken place and is done exclusively between the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health and the company that manufactures the vaccine. The Ministry of Public health is securing the vaccine for residents Lebanon, and organizing the vaccination process for the various sectors, trade unions and others that wish to secure Pfizer vaccine for the benefit of their workers.

As for what has been circulated in the media, regarding the role of Fattal and FDC (the distributors of Pfizer medicines) in the aforementioned process, it is limited to the fact that they have provided their services free of charge to the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health to help collect information on private institutions wishing to obtain The Pfizer vaccine, and sharing this information with the Ministry, in accordance with the laws in force, in order to facilitate the organization of securing the vaccine for residents on Lebanese territory, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health.
Date Posted: Apr 23, 2021
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