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Saudi Arabia to ban
Lebanese fruits and vegetables
Measure described as aiming to combat smuggling of narcotics
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Saudi Arabia has prohibited the entry of fruits and vegetables from Lebanon, and transporting them through its territory. The ban will not be lifted until the Lebanese authorities provide sufficient and reliable guarantees to stop smuggling of narcotics.

The Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia (KSA) said in a statement that the ban becomes effective on April 25.

The statement said that authorities in KSA have noticed that drug trafficking originating from Lebanon or passing through it is increasingly targeting the Kingdom.

Products are used to smuggle drugs into KSA, whether through incoming shipments to the Kingdom’s markets or with the intent to cross into neighboring countries. “Fruits and vegetables are the most prominent consignments that are used for smuggling,” read the statement.

“The decision came due to the absence of practical measures taken to stop these practices towards the Kingdom, despite numerous attempts urging the Lebanese authorities to do so,” read the statement.

Exports of fruits and vegetables to Saudi Arabia are estimated by Minister of Agriculture Abbas Mortada at $24 million per year.
Date Posted: Apr 23, 2021
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