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Glenbey: First Scotch
bottled and finalized locally
Launched by Ets. Antoine Massoud and Domaine des Tourelles
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Ets. Antoine Massoud (EAM), a food distributor, together with Domaine des Tourelles, a boutique winery, and a Scotland-based whisky maker have teamed up and launched the first Scotch whisky that is bottled in Lebanon.

A major part of the production process is carried out in Scotland with the last stages of production and bottling executed in Lebanon by Domaine des Tourelles, said Anthony Massoud CEO of EAM.

The whisky, marketed by EAM under the Glenbey brand, is of a premium quality. The 70 centiliter bottle is offered at LL60,000 ($4.6 at an exchange rate LL13,000). “It is equivalent to half the price of similar imported brands,” he said. The Glenbey Scotch is in the same category of a Johnny Walker Red Label.

The Scottish partner is Glasgow-based Whyte & Mackay, a large company producing alcoholic beverages. The company sells single malt and blended Scotch whiskies, liqueurs, and vodkas. Their brands include the W&M blends, Dalmore, Jura, and Fettercairn single malts, Glayva liqueur, and Vladivar Vodka.

Glenbey is a blended scotch made from a mixture of barley malt and grain (wheat). “The proportion of malt is very high which gives it the good quality,” Massoud said.

He said that while other whiskies are being produced in Lebanon, they are not considered ‘Scotch’.

EAM, which owns the Glenbey brand, is targeting the local market in addition to the Diaspora. “We aim to have a ten percent share in the local whisky market. We plan to produce two to three other whisky varieties,” Massoud said.

Initial investment in the project is around $500,000.

EAM has a long-standing business relationship with Domaine des Tourelles. It distributes its wine, arak, and liqueurs products.
Date Posted: May 27, 2021
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