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Kassatly Group
sets up Cyprus plant
Company expanding abroad and locally
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Kassatly Group Holding, the owner of Kassatly Chtaura, has established Boutique Beverage Bottling International (BBBI) as a fully-owned subsidiary in Cyprus and is in the process of setting up the BBBI factory in Limassol, said Akram Kassatly, CEO of Kassatly Group.

The Cyprus factory will allow the group to better serve global markets mainly European, African and US markets. Kassatly said: “The tax incentives in Cyprus are attractive, but it is the geographical advantages to Europe, Africa, the Gulf countries and the Americas, which are most appealing to us and, most importantly, having Mediterranean and European seals on our products, something coveted by consumers worldwide.”

He said: “BBBI will allow us to export to Saudi Arabia in light of the existing ban on Lebanese exports. In this way we could also circumvent any potential ban in the future by another country that would result from the political instability and uncertainty prevailing in Lebanon.”

The new factory, which will have the same production capacity as that of Kassatly Chtaura, is expected to launch operations by the end of the third quarter of 2023. “We will start producing the Freez and Buzz drink brands, than we will see what other products are in demand on the market,” Kassatly said.

BBBI will hire more than 100 employees. Around half of them will be Lebanese. “We will move some of our employees working in Lebanon to BBBI in order to ensure a knowhow transfer. This will allow us to benefit from their experience in operating the machinery and from their knowledge about the production process and other skills,” Kassatly said.

He said: “BBBI is an overseas expansion of our operations. We are not relocating to Cyprus. On the contrary, we are expanding our factory in Lebanon which has a workforce of 400 employees. We have also set up a solar power system that is providing 20-30 percent of its electricity needs.” Kassatly Chtaura, which was established in 1974, produces non-alcoholic drinks and syrups and alcoholic drinks in addition to jams. Its brands include Beirut Beer and Chateau Ka wines.

Kassatly Group has secured loans from Cypriot banks to finance the plant project in Cyprus.
Date Posted: Dec 21, 2022
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