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72 percent of Southern
farmers lost source of income
60,000 olive trees burned, poultry losses reach 340,000 birds
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Nearly 72 percent of farmers in the South lost their source of income due to Israeli attacks since October 7, 2023.

An area of 1,240 hectares was burned by white phosphorus bombs which have a long-term impact on agricultural areas. Around 40 percent of the affected area consists of agricultural land cultivated with citrus trees and other fruit trees including 60,000 olive trees which were burned. The remaining 60 percent of the affected area is made up of forests.

The losses suffered by farmers include 970 heads of livestock, 370 beehives completely destroyed and 3,000 ones partially destroyed. Poultry losses reached 340,000 birds. In addition to that, fodder warehouses with a combined area of 600 m2 were damaged as well as ten water facilities that affect 100,000 people.

The South accounts for 28-30 percent of the country’s total agriculture produce and 20 percent of its GDP. Direct war losses are estimated at $1.5 billion.

The Ministry of Agriculture said it plans to carry out a survey of the losses in 55 villages and cities and that the government will seek financial assistance from international donors.
Date Posted: Jun 10, 2024
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