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Lebanese-Saudi talks address export barriers
Program for developing agricultural exports to start in the beginning of 2012, says Minister of Agriculture
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The Minister of Agriculture, Hussein Hajj Hassan, called the exporters of agricultural goods to have the products tested at the laboratories of the Ministry before exporting.

The Minister said that the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL) will inform exporters on the quality specifications for exports so as to avoid having the shipments diverted or turned back.

Farmers and exporters have recently complained that the Saudi authorities have blocked out trucks loaded with agricultural products, mainly potatoes. The goods were reportedly denied entry due to firm Saudi quality standards.

Hajj Hassan said that the Saudi authorities have decided to extend the duration granted for exporters to commit to the specifications till the 31st of December.

The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization called Lebanese exporters to visit its website (www.saso.org.sa) so as to be updated on the conditions and requirements of the Saudi market.

According to Hajj Hassan, a program for the development of agricultural exports would be brought to action starting the first of January 2012. The new program, he said, will introduce mandatory upgrades to the quality standards of agricultural products.

Date Posted: Nov 01, 2011
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