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Farmers missing trade calendar
Association of Lebanese Farmers estimates 2011 losses at $100 million
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The Association of Lebanese Farmers complained about the poor situation of the agricultural sector throughout 2011.

The association blamed the government for the underachievement of the sector, which it attributed to the absence of an agriculture calendar between Lebanon and its Arab neighbors.

As a way to protect local farmers in light of the free trade agreements, the country submits a request each year to renew an agricultural calendar which exempts the importation of certain products from the Great Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA).

The farmers’ association called for a parliamentary investigation commission to uncover the reasons as to why the calendar wasn’t renewed this year.

According to the association, the agriculture sector has suffered losses of around $100 million.
The agricultural calendar was adopted after the July 2006 war in order to assist the country’s recovery from postwar trauma.

The farmers’ association said that the absence of the calendar will inflict severe damage to a lot of agricultural products including tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, bananas, almonds, watermelons, potatoes, onions, and apples.
Date Posted: Feb 16, 2012
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