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Crepaway in Jordan
Expansion plan includes branch in KSA, three more in Lebanon
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Crepaway will be launching its new franchise line in Jordan in 2012. The Lebanese diner chain’s first branch will be located in Amman’s Taj Mall.

Albert Thoumy, Communications Director at Crepaway, said that the chain found the good partner to tap the restaurant market in Jordan. Crepaway will partner with ‘Al-yaqout’ restaurant for its operations in Amman, said Thoumy. The branch in Taj Mall will maintain the Crepaway concept, with some adaptations to the local market, he said.

“Crepaway is one of the very few concepts to succeed in franchising, because it understands that a franchise is a long-term winning situation,” Thoumy said. “The market in Jordan seems to be very promising,” he said. Thoumy said that demand for the Crepaway concept in Jordan is rising because Jordanians who frequently visit Lebanon have gotten familiar with the restaurant.

Crepaway is planning to open a series of new outlets in several Arab countries. A second branch in Saudi Arabia will be opening very soon. Crepaway already has eateries in Egypt and Qatar.

In Lebanon, Crepaway has recently opened a new outlet in City Mall, Dora. It plans to open two new branches during 2012 in Le Mall Dbayeh (expected in August), and in the upcoming Cascada Mall in Taanayel (in November). With the addition of these branches, the Lebanese diner chain will have expanded into 13 locations across Lebanon. In 2011 alone, Crepaway launched four branches, in Sodeco, Sin el Fil (Le Mall), Saida, and Jbeil.

by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Mar 23, 2012
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