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BoB: B2B banking portal
Bank of Beirut redesigns branches, launches customer focused initiatives
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Bank of Beirut has introduced an online banking portal targeting corporate account holders. The new business-to-business (B2B) portal allows companies to transact their banking business and manage their accounts online.

Bank of Beirut on Wednesday (April 11) launched its new logo at a press event. It also announced the launch of its new Cash Management and Transaction Banking Services department, its Training and Learning Center, the group’s insurance arm ‘Beirut Life’, and a slew of new customer focused initiatives.

Through BoB’s business online banking portal, customers can manage their business at anytime from anywhere. They can transfer money, order cheques books, or open a letter of credit.

“For companies that domiciliate their employees’ salaries at the bank, they can now manage payments online without the need to come down to the branch,” said Pierre Boulos, head of marketing and communication at the bank.

The bank’s business online payroll service includes several product initiatives, among these: pay cards, a collection and reconciliation platform, an automated payroll solution, and an integration service.

Today the bank has 1,600 employees, with 60 local branches and 15 in Australia, spread over Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. The bank last year acquired Beirut Hellenic Bank along with its branch network. The bank also has three branches in Oman, one in Cyprus, and one in Frankfurt. It also has a fully owned subsidiary in the UK, as well as representative offices in Dubai, Nigeria, and Iraq.

Reported by Hani Bathiche
Date Posted: Apr 12, 2012
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