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Spinneys to take over TSC's outlet in Ashrafieh
Plans to open two major stores in Jbeil and Metn underway
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Spinneys is planning to open two new supermarkets, one in Jbeil, set to be launched this summer, and another in Metn to be announced later. Spinneys is also preparing to take over the TSC outlet in Ashrafieh.
“Spinneys will soon recapture the illegally occupied TSC Ashrafieh,” according to the CEO of Spinneys, Michael Wright.

The Kuwaiti retailer TSC has been managing the Ashrafieh outlet since 2010.

“TSC’s management was ordered to empty the premises two years ago,” according to the marketing manager at Spinneys, Ralph Kahi.

A court order issued in 2010 ordered TSC to leave the outlet, which was previously managed by Monoprix, and earlier by Abela.

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Jun 25, 2012
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