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Cabinet to pay $60 million in hospitalization fees
Italy finances building sewerage
network in Hrajel and Mishmish
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The Cabinet convened on Wednesday (August 8) and issued a number of decision, among these are:

- Approving the transfer of two credits worth $60 million to the Ministry of Health to cover hospitalization costs for the public and private sectors.

- Approving the Ministry of Interior’s request to allocated $150,000 for rehabilitating the law court hall at Roumieh prison.

- Approving an allocation to the Higher Relief Commission to compensate for various damages in several regions.

- Approving the Civil Service Council’s proposal to fill 22 vacant posts at Camille Chamoun Sport City through a recruitment exam.

- Approving the Ministry of Agriculture’s request to hire ten temporary workers and 22 permanent workers.

- Approving a draft law for providing medical care and protection to patients with mental diseases, and referring it to Parliament.

- Approving a decree for building a public high school in Ihmej, Jbeil.

- Approving the CDR’s request to build a sewerage network in Baysour, Aley to be connected to the network in Hawd el Ghadeer.

- Ratifying an agreement on the mutual recognition of conformity certificates between Lebanon and Armenia.

- Ratifying an agreement for building a sewerage network in Hrajel (Kesrwan) and Mishmish, North Lebanon funded by the Italian government.
Date Posted: Aug 09, 2012
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