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New hospital opened in Jieh
$11 million investment by Abou Shakra Properties
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‘Dr. Monzer Al Hajj Hospital’, a new hospital located in Jieh, began operating in October. The hospital covers a total area of 8,500 square meters, divided into eight floors, with a capacity of 120 beds.

The hospital is developed and owned by Abou Shakra Properties, a local development firm with projects in Spain and Gulf countries. The hospital is the company’s first project in the country.

The hospital was named after late physician Dr. Monzer Al Hajj, who acquired the license to build a hospital in Jieh but died before initiating the project. “There is a shortage of hospitals in this region. Ours is the only hospital on the coast between Khalde and Saida,” said Dr. Marwan Abou Shakra, the hospital’s General Manager. He said: “The number of beds will be raised to 150 by June 2013.”

“The hospital was constructed following international standards,” Abou Shakra said. He said the Ministry of Public Health ranked the development among the top hospitals for using modern and high-quality equipment.

The hospital signed contracts with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and other public medical coverage entities. “The tariffs are affordable, so they can be suitable for all classes. Our policy is to accept all patients, regardless of their financial situation,” Abou Shakra said.

The cost of investments reached $11 million. The hospital offers extensive medical services, including surgery, delivery, plastic surgery, and endoscopy. It includes an emergency center, a pediatric department, and an intensive care unit. The hospital also includes 12 clinics operated by specialized practitioners. The hospital created around 400 jobs, including 110 physicians.

Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Nov 05, 2012
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