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Oil importers demand higher commissions
Gas stations to strike if amendments are denied
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The stakeholders of the petroleum sector are calling for amendments to the price structure of gasoline and fuel oil. The Association of Petroleum Importer Companies (APIC), gas station owners, and gas transporters are seeking higher commissions to match the rising cost of living and operational fees.

Bahij Abu Hamzeh, APIC chairman, said: “If the increase (in commissions) is not approved by the Cabinet, oil companies will have to start laying off employees.” Currently, gasoline distribution companies collect $0.2 for each gasoline tank (20 liters) sold.

Sami Brax, head of the syndicate of gas station owners, said: “If the modification is not approved we will call for strike after the holidays.”

Gas station owners are asking to raise their fee to $1.3 per tank from around $1 per tank at present. Gas transporters currently receive $0.18 for each tank.

The Cabinet recently decided to increase the commission of petroleum transporters by some $0.05 per each 20-liters tank to offset the rise in fuel prices. It had planned to deduct this fee from the commission of petroleum importer companies.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Dec 17, 2012
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