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Folda doubles the size of its manufacturing plant
Production expected to increase by 40 percent
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Folda, a specialized manufacturer of aluminum products, is expanding its Zouk Mosbeh factory. Production is currently based in the firm’s facility in Mkalles and in four other locations across the country. All operations will be relocated to Zouk Mosbeh by end-2013.

The expansion of the Zouk Mosbeh unit is expected to increase Folda’s production capacity by 40 percent. The production facility will stretch over an area of 9,500 square meters, almost double its initial size. Total investment in the expansion hems around $7 million. Rafic Azrak, Folda’s chairman and CEO said: "As part of a strategic decision, we are making a significant investment to help Folda maintain its leading position in the field.”

The expanded factory will host Folda’s main operations, as well as other activities related to its partner Gaviota Simbac Middle East, a global manufacturer of shutters. According to the terms of this partnership, Folda manufactures some of Gaviota Simbac’s products at its premises.

Initial production at the Zouk Mosbeh facility is expected to kick-start during the third quarter of the year. “This project will help us take forward our specialized workforce and maintain our commitment to quality,” said Azrak.

Folda serves the domestic as well as export markets. Its exports mainly target Arab countries.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Jan 14, 2013
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