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Water metering projects implemented by USAID
Prequalification round for
construction and procurement companies
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The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is carrying out a plan involving projects to install bulk water meters and household meters. The installation plan is part of the three-year Water Infrastructure Support and Enhancement (WISE-Lebanon) program to enhance Lebanon's capacity in managing water resources.

Chemonics, an international firm that promotes good governance and civic engagement, was contracted by USAID to manage and oversee the implementation of the plan. A prequalification round is underway for companies interested in providing engineering, construction, and procurement services. USAID will evaluate applicants by end-May. The plan’s execution will start in August and is expected to end in September 2015.

“We had proposed implementing seven projects within the plan but only four will be chosen.” said Rick Albani, Chief of Party at WISE-Lebanon. “We hope to implement the projects across water establishments mainly in the Beirut and Mount Lebanon, then Bekaa, North, and South Lebanon governorates,” he said.

He said that the water metering plan consists of installing meters in networks and households, setting up district metering zones, and creating a balance between water entering and exiting the zones. Each project will include the installation of around 10 bulk meters and up to 6,000 household meters, depending on its location. The plan also comprises the construction of new water reservoirs and pumping stations.

USAID is currently performing feasibility and environmental studies to examine the impact of the projects on their areas of implementation. “We will bring in experts to provide training to water establishment employees,” said Albani.

The plan hopes to limit water loss from network leaks and violations.

Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Apr 03, 2013
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