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SITA wins airport bid
Contract renewed with additional services
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Global firm SITA has won a tender to provide information technology (IT) services at Rafic Hariri International Airport for the next five years. The tender was held by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA) and Middle East Airlines (MEA).

SITA, an international firm specialized in air transport IT services, already operates at the Airport since the 1950’s. The contract with the company was first renewed in 1998. This year, more services were added in the contract.

The company used to provide the check-in counters commonly used by airlines. The new contract includes allowing passengers who booked their flights online to drop their baggage upon arrival at the VIP counter at the airport.

SITA's WorldTracer kiosks will allow the tracking of baggage. This service allows passengers to track down their baggagewherever it is at the airport once the passenger declares it had been lost. WorldTracer kiosks are located near the lost and found office. Adib Chreif, Head of IT at MEA, said: "We installed six WorldTracer kiosks at the airport." Complaints will automatically be directed to the lost and found office.

SITA also provided the AirportConnect Open services, allowing the restoration of all fiber optics at the airport. Chreif said: "SITA's world-class solution gives us higher throughput per check-in station with less complexity and increased overall productivity at the Airport. This will help us cater for growth (in passengers) in the years ahead."

The new system will be used at 168 workstations at the Airport, namely check-in areas, boarding gates, the baggage hall, transit desk, VIP lounge, and lost-and-found desk.

Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: May 29, 2013
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