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Bekhazi Hospital resumes operation
Now under new management
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The Bekhazi Hospital in Clemenceau officially resumed its operations on June 17 under a new management. The Bekhazi Hospital, founded by George Bekhazi, stopped operating two years ago for renovation. Local hospital management firm Investment and Medical Services Company (IMSCO) now operates the hospital.

Maya Abu Hamra, Manager at Bekhazi Hospital, said: “IMSCO won the contract to operate Bekhazi Hospital until 2035.”Dr. Roger Sfeir is the medical director of Bekhazi Hospital.

The hospital comprises 17 beds, two operating rooms, and a recovery room. It offers general surgery, cosmetic surgery, ear, nose, throat surgery (ENT), orthopedic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and gynecology.

IMSCO invested around $2 million in rehabilitating Bekhazi Hospital. The facility will create about 30 jobs, excluding physicians.

Abu Hamra said the hospital now has a memorandum of understanding with the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC): “AUBMC surgeons can refer patients to our hospital for surgery. Anesthesia department at AUBMC is providing anesthesia care at Bikhazi Hospital.” This will help the hospital control the quality of the services.

The prices of the services offered are expected to be 30 to 40 percent lower than the prices of the same services offered by big hospitals, according to Abu Hamra. She said: “Since we are operating a small hospital with a low overhead, we are able to minimize expenses without affecting the quality of the services offered."

Bekhazi Hospital is equipped with highly developed devices imported from Europe and the USA, Abu Hamra said. The hospital already signed agreements with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and with insurance companies.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jun 19, 2013
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