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Concept-restaurant for
Lebanese cuisine in Sodeco
Venue will target upper-end clientele
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A new Lebanese restaurant-café will open soon in Sodeco, Ashrafieh. The outlet is brought by The Village, a company co-owned by local entrepreneurs Rabih Mockbel and Karim Mohamadieh. The two businessmen already own and run several other hospitality and dining concepts, such as Bhar, a Lebanese eatery in Solidere, Bronx, an American pub-resto in Uruguay Street, and Citron Caviar, a catering house.

Mohamadieh said investment in the new eatery will reach up to $3 million. The restaurant will open by December 2013. “We have not yet chosen the name of the place but it will offer a unique and special dining concept,” he said.

The eatery will cater for an upper-end category of visitors, and will seat up to 350 guests indoors and on an outdoor terrace.

Mohamadieh said the current situation is not a hindrance for such an investment: “We are always investing in the future of our economy, and we are looking forward for better days.”

According to Mohamadieh, Sodeco is a prime location in the heart of Beirut, and will be grabbing much attention in the future: "We believe our concept has better survival chances because it caters to the taste of locals.”

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Jul 02, 2013
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