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Showroom for handicrafts
hosted at Ministry of Industry
Aims to revive traditional industries
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A permanent showroom for handicrafts will occupy the ground floor hall at the Ministry of Industry in Badaro starting August 3. An agreement with the Syndicate of Craftsmen will allow syndicated members to display handicrafts such as traditional carpets, artisanal glass, pottery, silk, and copper items.

Mohamad Almoalem, Head of the Syndicate of Craftsmen, said: “This showroom will help local craftsmen market their products and make up for low tourism activity.” He said the space aims to revive traditional crafts: “It will offer tourists a chance to learn about traditional local crafts.”

The exhibition will be open on weekdays. An open-air fair will take place along the street facing the Ministry on Saturdays and Sundays. “The capacity of the indoor showroom is limited, especially if craftsmen want to demonstrate their work techniques to clients.”

. The total budget for this initiative is around $50,000. The Central Bank (BDL) will fund the cost of leasing the land, and UNIDO will finance the decoration. Craftsmen's only incurred cost will involve hiring salespersons. Displayed items will be sold at wholesale prices.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jul 18, 2013
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