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Al-Fitr holiday boosts hotel reservations
Occupancy rates above 50 percent and rising
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Hotels are witnessing a rise in their number of bookings in anticipation of the Al-Fitr holiday. Many establishments are already halfway to full occupancy and expect more reservations these two weeks. Most guests have booked a stay of five days at least.

Roger Saad, Director of Sales at the Four Seasons Hotel, said the hotel reached 55 percent occupancy, for the period between August 8 and August 11. “We are expecting the rates to increase sharply early next week.”

According to him, most bookings are made from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the UAE, and Kuwait. “Guests from Saudi Arabia top our list, but this does not mean they are all Saudi nationals. Many of them are expats working there and visiting for the holidays.”

Leisure and entertainment hotels will have the highest guest rates. Al Maamoun Jaber, Assistant Director of Sales at the Tamar Rotana, Hazmieh, said they reached 40 percent occupancy for the first days of Al-Fitr so far. “Our Aarjan and Gefinor branches will be welcoming more guests because they are more entertainment-oriented destinations, whereas we have a more corporate identity.”

Hotels located in the suburbs also have great expectations. Around 65 percent of rooms at Le Royal Hotel in Dbayeh are already booked. Director of Sales Joyce Mouawad said that this rate will rise to at least 70 percent on the eve of the holiday.

Mouawad said that they are offering low season packages, which makes them a highly attractive destination.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Aug 02, 2013
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