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Beirut Digital District third building completed
Project’s first phase will see completion in 2014
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The refurbished BDD 1082 building of the Beirut Digital District (BDD) will be inaugurated in September, said Christelle Abou Jaoude, Sales and Marketing Manager at ZRE, the project’s real estate developers.

The building is a three-floor property with its old architecture preserved. The project will add 1,500 square meters to the two facilities already operating: BDD1499 and the Berytech Digital Park.

BDD1082 includes offices between 170 and 285 square meters in technologically advanced working environments, and 150 square meters of retail space on the building’s ground floor. The building already hosts Geek Express, a creative lab and new showroom concept.

Abou Jaoude said one of the building’s floors will host the ‘Interesting Times’ ad agency, and another will be home to ‘Eduware’, a technology and education company.

Phase A of the BDD development will be completed with the achievement of two more buildings BDD1104 and BDD1243, and the BDD1294 retail spaces by mid-2014. “With the accomplishment of phase A, we would have reached 15,000 square meters of the project’s total 120,000 square meters of built-up.”

The development includes five phases expected to be wholly completed in ten years. Overall investment will reach around $150 million.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Aug 12, 2013
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