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Tender for assessment of renewable energy strategy
Will measure impact of planned projects
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The Ministry of Environment and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) launched a tender for a strategic environment assessment of wind, bio-energy, hydropower, photovoltaic and concentrated air power renewable energies.

The study will cover the different phases of planned projects for such energies, from exploration, to construction, deployment, operation and maintenance, decommissioning, and infrastructure.

The size of investment in the assessment will depend on the bidding companies. The tender involves two phases: Technical assessment (70 percent), and financial assessment (30 percent). “At the end of the bidding process, the company with the best overall score is awarded the tender,” said Lea Kai Aboujaoude, Project Officer of the Third National Communication Project at the UNDP and the Ministry of Environment.

The assessment will also address the environmental consequences of the national renewable energy strategy in the early stages of decision making. “It is an upfront assessment of the impact of the renewable energy strategy by the Ministry of Energy and Water,” said Aboujaoude.

The renewable energy strategy is initiated by the Ministry of Energy and Water but handled by the private sector (industries, commercial institutions, residential projects). “It will allow the Ministry to consider the impact of every planned renewable energy project,” said Aboujaoude. Projects that are already implemented will not be assessed.

The bidding process closes on August 28, 2013. Evaluating the bidders will require a month and a half.

Reported by Nader Houella
Date Posted: Aug 13, 2013
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