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Touristic businesses seek financial facilities
BDL will answer Union’s demands within a week
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The Union of Tourism Syndicates is expecting a final reply within the coming week to a list of demands it presented to the Central Bank (BDL) yesterday.

The demands included subsidized loans similar to those of the Habitat Bank (seven to ten year loan period, with a three-year grace period and discounted interest rates), subsidized gas prices for touristic establishments, and airplane tickets with decreased fares in order to encourage tourism. BDL is the major shareholder of MEA.

The union’s demands come in reaction to the difficult touristic and economic situation the country is going through.

Amine Khayat, President of the Union, said that Salemeh was very positive and cooperative with their demands. “We dealt with the issue very discreetly to give the BDL enough time to prepare the necessary administrative and formal paperwork.”

Khayat said that their move was not related to the Economic Bodies’ call for a national shutdown of business next week. “We won’t be participating in the shutdown since most our establishments cannot afford it, and our concerns are different.”

Khayat said that the Union will announce the BDL’s response in a press conference next week, and launch its action plan accordingly.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Aug 28, 2013
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