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EU aid granted for social, security issues
Additional amounts in light of regional events
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The European Commission will offer Lebanon an additional $28 million in financial support for security and social affairs. The grant is part of the Annual Action Plan 2013 for the country and was approved in light of the recent events in the region.

“This support responds to the current urgent needs of the country which is facing increasing social tensions, especially due to the uncertain economic outlook and the instability caused by the crisis in Syria,” said the Commission.

About $10 million will go to supporting the security sector to improve stability and national cohesion. It will improve the efficiency and democratic control of local security agencies.

$13 million will help improve the quality of services at both the Central Administration for Statistics and the National Social Security Fund.

Finally, $5 million will go towards improving housing and health conditions of new Palestinian refugees from Syria.

The European Union (EU) has committed almost $305 million in support to Lebanon since the start of the Syrian crisis. About $85 million were for humanitarian assistance, and $220 million for socio-economic support of hosting communities.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 06, 2013
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