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Power network enhancement plan ongoing
Advanced metering being installed
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BUS, a company affiliated with Butec, said it has concluded the first phase of the Distribution Service Providers (DSP) plan commissioned by the Électricité du Liban (EDL). Their assignment included enhancing power efficiency and staff management.

This phase is part of a four-year program by the EDL to optimize power consumption and minimize technical loss and non-technical violations. BUS is implementing the plan in the northern part of country. Two other DSPs, KVA and NUEC (a Debbas Group subsidiary) cover Beirut, the Bekaa, and South.

BUS built new distribution facilities to accommodate new power subscription requests. BUS said it satisfied 2,070 of 2,185 new requests received since it started its collaboration with the EDL.

The company also planned the redesign of overhead and underground cables, as well as substations, to achieve network reconfiguration, and power flow optimization. Work has been completed in a number of regions and will soon cover the entire Metn and Kesrouan cazas. Some 1,500 illegal violations were detected and fined by the EDL. BUS was able to achieve 2,300 repairs per month.

Since April 2013, the company was also in charge measuring electricity usage. Some 1,000 smart meters were installed as a pilot test. “These will help us learn all the lessons needed to start the massive roll out of meters across all the covered areas.” said Fady Abou Jaoude, General Manager of BUS. The DSP plan requires the installation of 450,000 smart meters in the north.

BUS is also handling the bill collection. Abou Jaoude said: “We have commenced monthly collection of bills in Jbeil and Jounieh, and this month we are starting in Batroun, Baabda, and Qartaba.” He said the company expects to put a monthly collection system in place over the entire covered area by Spring 2014.

The company launched a new 24/7 call center to improve customer service. The center has received more than 100,000 calls until end-June.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Sep 16, 2013
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