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Two biogas production units
Renewable sources of energy, natural fertilizer
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The Arab Center for Agricultural Studies (AKSAD) has successfully installed two eco-friendly biogas production units in the Bekaa and South.

Rafiq Saleh, General Manager at AKSAD, said the completion of these two units is a result of the scientific cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and AKSAD to invest in clean bio-energy for rural communities.

Last July, the center had conducted training sessions on biogas production techniques for 17 engineers, veterinarians from the Ministry of Agriculture, and a number of farmers and cattle owners.

Biogas production involves treating animal, vegetable, and human waste with special composting facilities called ‘Biogas production units’ to separate chemical from organic materials. Biogas involves very low costs. It also constitutes a renewable energy source for rural areas.

The remaining organic waste from the process is then used as a clean, high quality organic fertilizer, free of chemicals. “It is also free of odors that may attract harmful pests and bugs, so it reduces environmental pollution problems from animal waste and sewage in rural areas,” said Saleh.

“Environmentally friendly ways of generating energy, including biogas, constitute an effective method of rural development,” said Saleh.
Reported by Nader Houella
Date Posted: Sep 18, 2013
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