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Agro-Invest promotes agro-food innovation
Business exhibition center to exchange expertise
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The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Sidon and South Lebanon (CCIAS) in cooperation with the European Union (EU), IDAL, SouthBIC, and the Union of Chambers in Lebanon organized the Agro-Invest exhibition to promote innovation in Agro-food industry sector.

“The exhibition is part of our efforts to create job opportunities for people in Sidon and South Lebanon,” said Mohamad Saleh, President of the Chamber. About 45 different agro-food companies showcased new kinds of food products and industrial materials and equipment during the exhibition.

He said many of the exhibiting companies benefited from the event and discovered new potential partners.

With these encouraging results, the Chamber announced the Agro-Invest Business Exhibition Center with the support of the EU and SouthBIC. “This center will be a platform for all stakeholders in the agro-food sector, from producers to suppliers and distributors, to trade and exchange knowhow,” said Saleh.

According to him, innovation revolves around three main pillars: Establishing specialized industrial zones, creating research and development departments, and collaborating with incubators.

To support SMEs in the sector, the Chamber can offer international experts for them if the specializations were not available in the local market.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 23, 2013
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