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Karantina-Charles Helou road rehabilitation underway
Beirut Municipality allocates $8 million for works
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The Municipality of Beirut approved transferring funds to the Council of Development and Reconstruction (CDR) for overseeing the execution of road works between the Karantina bridge and Charles Helou station. These works are part of the Beirut-Tripoli highway.

The works include road infrastructure (sewage system, potable water, lighting, asphalt, and lining), as well as rehabilitating the Karantina entrances and ramps, and repairing the Charles Helou station bridge.

The road works extend over three kilometers, and they should be finalized within 18 months.

The municipality had already transferred $8 million to execute the project. Al Jihad for Commerce and Contracting and Gicome were hired as contractors and consultants, respectively.

Elie Helou, the manager of the project, said: “Rehabilitating the Beirut-Tripoli highway is about to be finalized, there is still one portion left between Nahr El-Kalb and Adma.”
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 30, 2013
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