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Electricity tenders for Lina Matta Co.
Medium-voltage installations in North, Mount Lebanon
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Local contractor Lina Matta SARL won two tenders for implementing medium voltage networks and transformers to supply towns and villages in the North and Mount Lebanon.

130,000 medium voltage power line cables will be installed in the North and another 130,000 in Mount Lebanon. 28 transformers will be built in the North and another 20 in Mount Lebanon.

The cost of the installations will reach around $2 million in the North, and $1.4 million in Mount Lebanon.

“The total output of these installations is not determined yet. We are still waiting for a study by the Ministry of Energy and Water to adjust our plans accordingly,” said Lina Matta, main shareholder of Lina Matta SARL.

“The project will be completed six months after its approval by the Ministry,” said Matta. The approval is expected within one month.

The project has broken ground in Batroun. It will replace the overhead cables with underground ones. This will ensure stable power supply even when maintenance works are being carried out.
Reported by Joelle Nassar
Date Posted: Oct 04, 2013
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