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Moulin d’Or plans new factory
Expansion includes local franchises
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The local bakery Moulin d’Or aims to open a new factory and new branches starting in 2014. “This plan is to fulfill the increasing demand on bread products from citizens and Syrian refugees,” said Abir Ibrahim, Financial Manager at Moulin d’Or. The Jeita factory will supply the local and Arab markets.

Moulin d’Or allocated more than $5 million for its expansion plan. “We are still setting our strategy and we didn’t take any final decision for our new branches’ locations,” said Ibrahim. Founded in 1978 in Ajaltoun, the bakery currently owns one other branch in Jeita.

The bakery is also signing franchise deals. Current franchised outlets are located in Chekka, Amyoun, Byblos, Mansourieh, Sarba, Sodeco, and Awkar. “We receive many requests for our brand name and products but we are selective about our franchisees,” said Ibrahim.

The total area of each new branch should not be less than 200 square meters, including space for the baking ovens. Smaller ‘Petit Moulin d’Or’ branches will open in shops with less than 60 square meters of available space. These will not hold any ovens and will sell only packaged bakery products.

Moulin d’Or provides its franchisees with all the tools and technical assistance needed to start a bakery.

Moulin d’Or was founded and managed by two brothers, Antoine and Adel Seif, and supported by family members. It also supplies the US market through California, and caters to international customers through its e-delivery system.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Oct 08, 2013
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