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World Bank publishes status of local projects
55 ongoing projects
in different sectors
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The World Bank issued its 2013 Annual Report about its global financing of social development projects, including in Lebanon.

The World Bank is financing 55 ongoing projects in different sectors. 34 projects were closed and 12 are currently active. Another three are in the pipeline and concern sustainable agricultural in marginal areas, fiscal management reforms, and environment preservation.

Around 22 projects focused on central government administration, and 13 concerned other social services. Eight more projects revolved around sub-national government administration, and seven others were for general water, sanitation, and flood protection sector.

About ten of the ongoing projects were related to pollution management and environmental health. Nine projects were related to water resource management, and eight concerned infrastructure services.

The most important ongoing projects are the Greater Beirut water supply and urban transport development projects. $200 million were invested in increasing the water supply to Beirut, including from the Awwali river. Another $70 million were invested in building 17 new bridges and tunnels in and around Beirut.

Financing the First Municipal Infrastructure Project in Lebanon contributed to the reconstruction of public infrastructure in 178 municipalities, including 175 km of roads, more than 10 km of storm water drains, and 48 km of retaining walls. Restored basic services and economic development opportunities directly benefited an estimated 375,000 people.

A $30 million social promotion project focuses on marginalized populations. The goal is to support economic measures and enhance the participation of women and minorities in rural regions. Another $30 million were invested in financing startups.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Oct 17, 2013
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