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Rocket eatery opens three branches
More outlets underway
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Rocket restaurant, a new diner concept, has opened two outlets in Gemmayzeh and City Mall, along with a delivery center in the Zalka region. Rocket offers a selection of quick meals featuring specialty sandwiches prepared in pita bread.

The concept is owned by Trendies, chaired by businessman Noël Abi Nader, who is also the Chairman of Tecman Industries, a local interior decoration contractor and steel structures manufacturer working in the region. The brand identity was created by WonderEight, a local branding agency.

Cheryl Bismargi, Marketing Manager at the company, said that more outlets are underway, but they are currently studying feasibility and suitable regions. She said that more in-mall branches are coming. “We chose to open first in Gemmayzeh because it is a booming region, especially by night. And nighttime eaters would favor our food style.” She said that the City Mall branch was chosen because of its high footfall.

Bismargi said the menu was prepared under the supervision of renowned chef Maroun Chedid. “Serving our specialty sandwiches with pita bread guarantees the ingredients taste better, whereas French baguette for example affects their flavor.”

Abi Nader was previously the franchisee of the French diner Mezzo di Pasta that offered take-away Italian pasta but was eventually closed. “Locals prefer eating Italian in a refined restaurant instead of a McDonalds’-like eatery,” said Bismargi. He also owned a franchise for another eatery called Feyy.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Oct 31, 2013
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