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Solidere launches local cloud platform
Unibox offers business software solutions to SMEs
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On November 19, Solidere, Microsoft and Procomix Technology Group will launch Unibox, a cloud-based platform providing software applications to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). As per the cloud concept, SMEs who use Unibox won’t need to buy any IT software nor dedicate a special IT department.

“Users will have access to a complete cloud-based infrastructure where they will find varied pay-as-you-go applications without installing any costly IT/MIS equipment upfront or on site,” Richard Azoury, Head of Business Development Unit at Solidere, said. The platform is totally secured and encrypted.

Unibox offers ‘software-as-a-service’ (SAAS) under three types of packages: ‘Lync 2010’, ‘Exchange 2010’, and ‘Customer Relationship Management’. Services include instant messaging, mobile and web access, dedicated databases, anti spam, and managed backup.

Unibox will also provide ‘platform-as-a-service’ (PAAS) offerings, which include: server virtualization, disaster recovery, and desktop virtualization.

The service is open to all local clients, not only Solidere tenants. A Unibox server is currently located in the Solidere data center and benefits from a faster connection through the fiber-optic broadband network in the Beirut Central District (BCD). Procomix established another server outside Beirut, and an additional one will be added eventually, said Michel Kattouah, a partner in the company.

Kattouah said subscription prices are based on the required data plan. “Subscribers can identify their plans using an online database configuration, and automatically determine the price to pay.” He said prices are very similar to offers by Google and Amazon for similar services. For instance, an email business plan costs $10 per month, whereas server virtualization costs around $200 per month.

Being based locally, users will benefit from the extra speed without the regulatory burdens associated with international cloud computing platforms.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Nov 06, 2013
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