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NourKids TV airs early 2014
Children’s channel will also be available online
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NourKids, a new channel brought by Télé Lumière and Nour Sat (the satellite station), will be on air as of early 2014, said Marie Thérèse Kreidy, Programs Manager at the channel. She said that the channel won’t have a purely religious orientation, but rather civil and educational objectives.

The channel will be dedicated to children three to 15 years old, offering 24-hour programming centered on family values, children’s rights, education, and entertainment. These programs will be exclusive to the channel and will also be available on Youtube. Kreidy said: “Our programs were prepared in collaboration with several local schools to really address our children’s needs.”

She said the channel will also air online with live streaming: “Online media is very attractive to today’s children. NourKids will present different programs to children in an interactive web format.”

Télé Lumière is funded through donations and is supervised by the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon. It is managed by a committee involving various religious leaders and non-clerical supporters.

NourKids will be officially announced in the KidzMondo theme park - Beirut Waterfront, on November 20, to coincide with the International Day for Children, under the patronage of the United Nations (UN) office in Beirut.

Télé Lumière was created in 1991 by a group that included Jacques Kallassi, George Moawad, and Christiane Debbaneh, as well as the late Charles Helou and George Frem. Noursat, launched in 2003, covers Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, North and South America, Canada, and Australia.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Nov 08, 2013
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