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Shawarmanji in the Gulf and Europe
Ten local outlets by year's end and more to come
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Shawarmanji, a local shawarma specialty diner, is planning to open branches regionally and in Europe in 2014.

The diner opened its first outlet abroad in Dubai earlier this year. For 2014, Shawarmanji plans outlets in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Leslie Achkouti, Marketing Manager, said they will also open branches in Europe, starting with London. “Our food concept is welcomed in Western cities because they appreciate our cuisine and ingredients a lot. We are expecting great success there,” she said.

Shawarmanji Holding is co-owned by Daniel El Jerr, and Elias Chabtini, owner of the Beirut-based Yabani sushi restaurant, and founder of Le Sushi Bar. Bader’s Building Block Equity Fund (BBF) had invested $400,000 in Shawarmanji, to support its expansion and growth. The company is looking to sell franchises.

The diner operates delivery and dine-in outlets locally. “By December, we will raise the number of our outlets to ten, adding one branch in Le Mall-Dbayeh and another in Badaro,” she said.

She said that their plans for 2014 will be expanding their presence outside the Metn and Beirut area: “We are listening to our clientele and working on outlets based on their demand.” Shawarmanji will open outlets in the Bekaa, the South, and the North.

Shawarmanji’s aim is to become a trademark and identity for the traditional shawarma sandwich, like McDonald’s for burgers.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Nov 11, 2013
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