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New ITG company for smart buildings solutions
PC DealNet distributor for EMC, Microsoft
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ITG Holding announced the creation of a new business unit, SYSPRO, which will provide high-end smart building solutions.

SYSPRO is the official dealer for several manufacturers in automation/energy management systems and offices solutions such as Lutron Electronics (lighting control industry) and Schneider Electric (energy management), among others.

Another ITG company, PC DealNet, was appointed Authorized Distributor in Lebanon and Iraq for products and solutions of the multinational EMC Corporation. This cooperation will enhance the distribution of storage and cloud business. PC DealNet had earlier been awarded a distribution contract for Microsoft products in the local market.

ITG recently merged with a local company, Icon Office Solutions S.A.L., to add workplace architecture materials and furnishing services to its portfolio.

ITG is part of the HOLCOM group of companies, employing more than 3,570 professionals in over 30 countries in the Middle East (including Lebanon), Europe, and Africa.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Nov 15, 2013
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