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Bsat heads Syndicate of Food Industries
Aims to raise participation
in international exhibitions
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The Syndicate of Food Industries elected Mounir Bsat as its Chairman, replacing George Nesrawi. “The Syndicate will continue working on previously initiated projects. It will focus on rebuilding its capacities through attracting new members, offering them better services, and solving their problems,” said Bsat.

Bsat, who chairs the Bsat Factories specialized in Tehine and Halawe, among other products, said the Syndicate will encourage more students to graduate from the technical school of food industries in Qab Elias, funded by the European Union. It will support and enhance the institution’s capacities for that purpose.

The Syndicate will give more priority to international trade exhibitions. It will encourage food industrialists to attend, and help them with promotion for such events. “International exhibitions are an efficient tool for increasing industrial exports and building relations with new clients,” said Bsat.

The Syndicate is now focusing on agro-food exhibitions like ‘Gulf Food’ (Dubai, UAE) and ‘SIAL’ (France) that will take place in February 2014, and the ‘Food & Hotel’ exhibition (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) in April 2014.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Nov 21, 2013
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