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Hawacom TV now on air
New music channel by
Jomaa Group and Al Jadeed
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Hawacom is a new satellite Arabic music channel that broadcasts live music with live entertainment and interactive programs.

Hawacom TV will operate in partnership and cooperation with Al Jadeed TV. It will use its infrastructure, studios, and equipment, said Mandy Bassil, Group Marketing Manager at J. Group.

The channel is owned by J. Group, chaired by Imad Jomaa, who is also behind Promofix, the representative company of several media including Al Jadeed TV. Imad Jomaa is married to Bushra Tahseen Khayat, Deputy General Manager at Al Jadeed Television.

The station is also aired online on Hawacom.tv, and streams live programs and music.

“There is a real gap in the Arabic music scene, and we found it interesting to offer to our audience good music,” Bassil said.

She said that it is a strategy followed by J. Group management to enlarge its portfolio and presence. Al Jadeed has also soft launched a radio station named Sawt Al Jadeed, on 90.3 FM, and will start streaming officially in a few months. A new online magazine, called Al Jadeed Fan (fan.aljadeed.tv) is also published for entertainment and music amateurs looking for celebrity news.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Dec 05, 2013
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