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Télé Liban joins Mediterranean TV network
National TV started digital broadcast
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Lebanon has officially entered yesterday December 18 the ‘Terramed Plus’ program. The country is represented in this initiative by national TV station Télé Liban.

Terramed Plus is the first Mediterranean television network project. The project brings a video-on-demand online library through www.terramedplus.tv. Around 115 hours of production (documentaries, fiction and animated films) supplied by the participating television channels, will be accessible through free streaming. Each partner of the project will enrich the video-library with their own products. Production will be available in sub-titled version.

Talal Makdessi, Chairman of Télé Liban, said that the station has selected a series of productions and sent them already to Terramed Plus. “As soon as we produce new programs, we will start sending them updates and new material.”

Terramed Plus gathers so far nine partner-broadcasters: The Italian RAI, the French ARTE and France Télévisions, the Algerian EPTV, the Spanish RTVE, the Moroccan SNRT, the Egyptian TV, and Télé Liban as associated partner.

Makdessi said “this partnership will help us promote the Lebanese heritage, lifestyle, and tourism.”

The project, led by the Italian RAI, is co-funded by the European Union.

According to Makdessi, the regional partnership will boost the development of Télé Liban. “We have started our digital broadcast on November 20 using fiber optics, and the revamp journey has just begun.” He said that the new TV management will never miss a chance to improve and bring back its old legacy.

Télé Liban has also inaugurated a revamped studio in Tallet el Khayyat building, and will inaugurate the refurbished talk-shows and news studios before the end of this year. “We will also proceed with the renewal process of the Hazmieh offices soon.”
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Dec 18, 2013
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