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Abi Ramia plans large expansion
New headquarters and more brands
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Abi Ramia Bros., a large distributor of alcoholic beverages and cigars, and agent of Efes beer, XXL energy drink and vodka mix, and Budweiser beer, will be relocating to its new headquarters in Safra, in 2015.

The company is currently located in Sarba, but the warehouses are situated in different buildings in Sarba area.

Peter Abi Ramia, Business Development Manager said that the relocation is part of a larger expansion plan. “Our current premises, offices, and warehouses are no longer suitable for our business size and requirements.”

He said moving to one centralized building will serve the company best, and the business will be more unified. This step goes along with the company’s strategy to add more brands to its portfolio.

The new premises consist of six floors. Three are underground, dedicated to warehouses and storage rooms. Each floor has a total space of 1,200 square meters, with different ceiling heights of four, seven, and 13 meters. Abi Ramia said that they consulted a German warehousing company to use the appropriate storage technologies. “With such high ceilings, special mobile pallet racking and high bay pallet racking will be adopted, in order to conserve our products best.”

The new building will also include two above ground blocs, each with three floors, and with 500 square meters of space for each floor. These floors will contain the company’s offices, and will also include a showroom for its brands, located on the ground floor. Abi Ramia said that the overall investment will reach more than $5 million.

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Dec 26, 2013
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