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Alfa joins regional telecom association
SAMENA offers networking, lobbying,
and exposure
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Local mobile operator, Alfa, has joined the SAMENA (South Africa, Middle East North Africa) Council, a telecom trade organization headquartered in the UAE. It covers the three mentioned regions and includes over 90 members, like Booz & Co, Etisalat, Deloitte, Huawei, Oger Telecom, Mobinil, Orange, Nokia Siemens Network, and Google, among many others.

Marwan Hayek, Chairman of Alfa said that they met halfway with the management of the SAMENA Council, and agreed that the participation of a Lebanese member is highly recommended. Alfa is the first local company to join the Council.

“The membership in SAMENA won’t be affected if Alfa’s Orascom management contract ends, because it is actually the MIC 1 network that joined the council,” said Hayek. MIC 1 is the state-owned company that owns the first mobile network, known currently as Alfa.

The Council provides ICT companies, regulatory authorities and other professionals, within its regional reach, a platform to address the challenges and opportunities of their industry. Membership benefits include a collective voice for ICT operators concerning regulators and policymakers, and networking between members. The Council also offers corporate branding opportunities on its website and lobbying opportunities, with brand exposure through trade events.

“We will be able to be part of the executive committees acting on a regional level, and become more efficient on the regional ICT map,” Hayek said.

The SAMENA Council started its strategy called ‘Policy Board’ in 2011 with the main purpose to guide, advise and adopt strategic positions within the ICT industry.

Hayek said that Alfa’s participation comes as a first step, and the participation of several local entities is highly recommended. “We might be able to form a Lebanese lobby inside the Council, whose impact would be greater and much more effective.”

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Jan 02, 2014
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