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The Arbitration and Mediation Center
has become regional
The Chamber of Commerce offers services to business community
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The Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) has accredited the ‘Lebanese Arbitration and Mediation Center’ as a regional center.

The center is specialized in offering alternative ways to resolve business disputes. It offers its services to local and international business community, private and public sectors.

“This center has been adopted as the first regional body offering such services in the Mediterranean,” said the chair of the chamber and ASCAME, Mohammad Choucair. “This center facilitates trade relations and encourages investment, especially that the business community needs now fast ways to solve its problems.”

Chakib Kortbawi, Minister of Justice said: “The arbitration service is important for our daily economic problems and launching this center is a step forward to develop this field.”

The Chamber launched this center locally, two years ago. “The arbitration center has its own specializations and supreme court.

The center consists of the Lebanese arbitration center founded in 1995 and the Lebanese mediation center founded in 2012. The first is a technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts, while the mediation is a way for resolving disputes through mutually accepted agreement.
Reported by Joelle Nassar
Date Posted: Jan 09, 2014
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