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Major expansion of Food Gallery Gulf
Maya Bekhazi to develop food outlets in the UAE
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The Food Gallery Gulf, a company founded in Abu Dhabi by Lebanese entrepreneur Maya Bekhazi Noun, is planning a large expansion in the Emirati market.

The company was established two years ago to create, own, develop, and manage F&B concepts.

The first newcomer is a salad concept called ‘Shoots, the Green Bar’. It is expected to open in February. “We already sold the franchise in the UAE to a local company that operates several F&B concepts,” Noun said. The franchisee is planning to open eight outlets in the first three years, she said.

The second concept is a new gourmet burger chain, called ‘Burger Box’, which will serve high end burgers. Two outlets are expected to open in the first year of operation.

The third concept is a new Levantine restaurant/café, which will serve traditional Lebanese food, along with regional dishes.

For the Lebanese market, Noun is introducing a new cake shop concept, called ‘Curli-Q’. Bekhazi established a company, ‘The Cake Lab’, which handled the market research and development, one year earlier, to the establishing of the concept.

The 130 square meter cake shop is expected to open in June and will be located in Hamra.

“The first outlet is a prototype, but we are considering franchising at a later stage.” She said that the GCC and Europe are potential markets.

One more fast food concept for the local market is expected in 2014, but it will be revealed at a later stage.

According to Noun, fast food and casual eating is more easily franchised because of the unified standards and norms. Fine dining has its own spirit and chef’s touch.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Jan 21, 2014
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