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‘Louis 5’ Hotel in Dbayeh
50 rooms to be ready by 2015
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A new hotel is under construction in the Dbayeh area and will be ready by the end of next year. It is located on the main Dbayeh Highway, next to ABC mall. The property will be called ‘Louis 5’.

Louis 5 will consist of a 6,000 square meter built up area, including 12 above ground floors and three underground floors. It will have an inside parking space for around 40 vehicles.

The hotel will consist of 50 rooms, each floor consisting of two suites and three regular guest rooms. Guest rooms will total 50 square meters, each.

The project is owned by the Mardikian Group, a real estate development company, also the owner of the Garden City Hotel in Dekwaneh. So far, the group has not disclosed any further information about the classification of the property, or the management chain, if any.

Dbayeh is an active business district that includes the five-star hotel, Le Royal, the ‘Le Mall’ and the ABC Mall. Dbayeh is now also home to many eateries, like the dining hub, ‘Blueberry Square’.

The Metn area, in general, is witnessing rapid growth. A new mega-mall project, called Centerfalls, is expected to open by spring 2016, in Elissar.

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Feb 12, 2014
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