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George Hakim Jewelry opens in Geneva
Outlet opens gateway to European expansion
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The local jeweler George Hakim opened its new boutique in Geneva, on January 30, located at the Grand Hotel Kempinski. It is one of the rare local designers to enter the European market of fine jewelry. The Geneva boutique will offer complete lines of high-end jewelry.

“Participating in the Basel Fair for the last 15 years helped us establish a rich list of business contacts that was very beneficial to us when we decided to launch our business in Switzerland,” said Karim Hakim, an associate in the company.

According to him, Switzerland will be a gateway to exploring additional European markets. “But currently, we are fully focused on our Swiss branch.”

Investment in the boutique is high, said Hakim without disclosing the amount, especially that it is located in a premium location. Hakim said that the boutique is solely owned by George Hakim Jewelry and it has no foreign partners. The boutique is fully run and managed by a Lebanese team.

Founded in 1875, the brand represents four generations of the Hakim family.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Feb 19, 2014
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