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Sama Sannine to launch sales in spring
Local and Saudi partners venture in large, mixed-use project
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Sama Sannine, a mixed-use project under construction, will launch sales of its first phase, in April. The 66,000 square meter project is owned by three partners: Tony Khoury, Osman Tabish, and the Saudi-based Amnest Group. The project comprises the ‘Sannine Village’ and Mountview Hotel.

The first phase of Sannine Village, called Sannine Heights, is composed of four blocks, each with four 159 square meter duplexes. The second and third phases are The Hillside and The Nest, consecutively, each made up of eight blocks with 149 square meter chalets. The fourth phase, The Courtyard, is made up of three large connected blocks, each with four 159 square meter chalets.

The Mountview Hotel is composed of 44 VIP rooms, two restaurants, spa and nightclub.
“Sannine is still a virgin land, right near Baskinta, which has rich cultural features,” said Tabish, Partner and President of Topcrete, which is handling the sales and marketing of the project.

Investment in the first phase reached $7 million. The starting price in the first phase is $1,800 per square meter.

Tabish said: “The new highway going from Baabdat to Zaarour and from Zahle to Sannine will augment the importance of Sama Sannine. It will become easier and less time-consuming for clients to commute.”

Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Feb 20, 2014
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